Drizzle Redux is a project which aims to breath new life into the libdrizzle C connector. It is designed to allow you to connect to and query a MySQL database server using a simple API.

The connector is 3-clause BSD licensed so it can statically and dynamically link with almost any other open source or commercial software.

Differences from Libdrizzle

  • The server-side functionality has been removed, it no longer acts as both a client and server API.
  • The Drizzle prototype library functions have been removed. It now only talks to MySQL compatible servers.
  • API functions have been simplified. In Libdrizzle there was a big confusion over whether the application or library should be doing the allocation and freeing of objects. It is now less ambiguous.
  • New binlog API added. The library can now connect as a slave or mysqlbinlog client and retrieve binlog events.

There are many more new features to come.

Differences from libmysqlclient

  • API is slightly different
  • Currently missing server-side prepared statement support and protocol compression

These missing features are to be added.