Library Functions


This section outlines the functions related to the Libdrizzle Redux library


void drizzle_library_init(void)

Setup of the SSL and Windows connection libraries. Should be run before any Libdrizzle Redux function. Only required if using SSL or Windows.

void drizzle_library_deinit(void)

Deinitialize the library. Only required for Windows

const char* drizzle_version(void)

Gives the version string for the Libdrizzle Redux library

Returns:A string of the library version
const char* drizzle_bugreport(void)

Gives the URL for reporting library bugs

Returns:A string containing the bug report URL
const char* drizzle_verbose_name(drizzle_verbose_t verbose)

Gives the verbosity name for a given verbosity type

Returns:A string containing the verbosity name